Unique chance in Golden Millenium!
Lords of Dragons! In Dragon Knight coming absolutely new recharge event — «Golden millenium» in which you can receive the great rewards! Event begins today and will be finished at Tuesday, 15th May. Just recharge any balens amount to join the event and if during the event players from all servers will recharge 15000, 30000, 45000, 75000, 100000, 150000, 200000 balens in total, random players which recharged will obtain a fantastic prizes! Player which will recharge more balens than other players will receive a special reward too. Rewards: 1) 15000 balens: 50 mount advance crystals (5 prizes) 2) 30000 balens: 100 mount advance crystals (5 prizes) 3) 45000 balens: 50 wings grooming feathers (5 prizes) 4) 75000 balens: Aries goddess purple talent card (5 prizes) 5) 100000 balens: 20 fashion souls and 200 fashion essences (5 prizes) 6) 150000 balens: Scorpio orange talent card (3 prizes) and Scorpio purple talent card (2 prizes) 7) 200000 balens: [Fashion set]: Armor of Fire and Ice, Blade of Fire and Ice, Soul of Fire and Ice, Wings of Fire and Ice (5 prizes) An unique and wondeful reward is waiting for player which will recharge more than other players, but what is the reward — players and winner will know after event finishing. Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 11.05.2018
Join the unique events in Dragon Knight!
Dear players, To improve your gaming experience, we're starting new events in Dragon Knight — doubled first recharge and boosting tournament! Doubled first recharge is active from 03.05.2018 to 05.05.2018 on all servers. Your first payment during this time period will be doubled (after event finishing we will send corresponding balens amount to your character manually). Boosting tournament — absolutely new event for S8 players which which just started to gain power! Just obtain new levels and power and we will look at BR and level rankings after week from server opening and send an exclusive gifts: 1st place: 3000 reward balens, Capricorn orange talent card, 200 mount advance crystals 2nd place: 2000 reward balens, Capricorn purple talent card, 150 mount advance crystals 3rd place: 1000 reward balens, Capricorn purple talent cards, 100 mount advance crystals 4-10 places: 500 reward balens, 50 mount advance crystals If you will reach places in both rankings, you will can obtain the several rewards! Best regards, Dragon Knight Team
Posted 03.05.2018
Meet Jupiter
Today in Dragon Knight has been opened new server Jupiter! Join the heroic battles, leave a trace in the history and become the legendary star! See you in game!
Posted 03.05.2018
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